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Incepted in 1986, Kuria Mal & Sons came to light with their finest quality of natural henna brands and products as one of the eminent manufacturers of herbal hair and skin care products in Kuwait. In 1992, our prime brand named ‘Glory Henna’ was launched, making us in possession of more than 70% market share in the natural henna powder production domain.

When it comes to our products, we are highly specific about purity. Formulated with 100% fresh and natural ingredients, we provide complete assurance of product integrity and naturalness to our clients. We have been enjoying more than 30 years of hegemony in natural henna mass production spheres in Kuwait.

With the assistance of our adroit professionals and an immaculate assortment of nature-based henna products, we have been continuously making up to our patrons’ expectations for more than three decades. Be it soothing face packs or a gamut of hair removal crème, we have touched all the dimensions of natural skin and hair care products.

Herbal & Natural
Herbal & Natural

Nature based herbal skin care and hair care products for a natural look.

Freshly Made
Freshly Made

Strictly, no adulteration! Mass produced using 100% fresh and unprocessed organic ingredients.

Effective Products
Effective Products

Strengthens your roots and deeply nourishes your skin for a richer appearance.

Kuria Mal & Sons
Trained Professionals
Trained Professionals

Highly skilled and qualified team of professionals who are quick on the uptake.

Quality Packaging
Quality Packaging

Experience the joy of smart packaging, packed with care and perfection.

On Time Delivery
On Time Delivery

Faster than you can imagine! Exceptional skin and hair just one click away.

Glory Henna Hair Color

Henna powder is deemed to be the most effective natural remedy for grey hair. It’s been used by both genders for ages due to its ease of use and herbal benefits to hair. Coloring of hair with henna is a very common practice since ancient times especially for women.

Glory Men's Henna Hair Color

Henna powder is not only for women, but men also find it optimum for use, as they are not oblivious to the umpteen benefits that henna provides. Men’s hair is rougher and bushier in texture as compared to women.

Natural Black Henna Manufacturers | Natural Black Henna Manufacturers in Kuwait

Natural Black Henna

People are highly concerned about their speeding age and greying hair. And if you are a man, then you must be pondering on how to turn your grey hair or beard into the original natural black color.

Natural Brown Henna Manufacturers | Natural Brown Henna Manufacturers in Kuwait

Natural Brown Henna

By spending just 30 minutes, you can get incredibly lustrous & strong hair. Even with the zero sulphate and ammonia policy, we make sure that the product stays effective & durable for a longer period.

Light Brown Henna Manufacturers | Light Brown Henna Manufacturers in Kuwait

Light Brown Henna

The presented range of Light Brown Henna for Men has been embedded with natural ingredients like Henna, Amla, and Reetha Extracts which work profoundly one by one on the applied hair tangles.

Wine Red Henna Manufacturers | Wine Red Henna Manufacturers in Kuwait

Wine Red Henna

Women always look fabulous in any type of hair color. But when it comes to men, it is a different story. Men have to choose very specific hair color not only to stay in style but also to maintain their strong machismo.

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Tiger's Henna Hair Color

Want to color your hair in your favourite shade? Instead of applying chemical substances or harsh colors on your hair, why not apply something herbal and 100% natural henna-based product?

Glory Shinee Crème

Because What Sparks Inside, Shines Outside

'Kuria Mal & Sons' with its nature-based hair crème range has set several milestones when it comes to selecting the best crème to color hair.

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Glory Crème Hair Color

Whether it is skin, attire, or hair, everyone wants to gain some subtle qualities, which make him or her stand out from the crowd. And when it comes to hair, they go for nature-based specifications only.

Natural Black Crème Hair Color Manufacturers | Natural Black Crème Hair Color Manufacturers in Kuwait
Natural Brown Crème Hair Color Manufacturers | Natural Brown Crème Hair Color Manufacturers in Kuwait
Wine Red Crème Hair Color Manufacturers | Wine Red Crème Hair Color Manufacturers in Kuwait

Hair Removal Crème

Get Rid of Those Unwanted Hair Naturally

We have natural based hair removal crèmes, which do not contain harmful adulterants. The crème contains organic additives such as Aloe Vera, fruity juices like papaya, and flower extracts such as rose.

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