Glory Shinee Crème

Glory Shinee Crème

Glory Shinee Crème - A Permanent Hair Care Solution for You

'Kuria Mal & Sons' with its nature-based hair crème range has set several milestones when it comes to selecting the best crème to color hair. Glory Shinee Crème with its multi-nourishment recipe enriches the hair deep down the roots and brings out the ultimate shine and true color.

With a unique "non-drip formula", the Shinee Hair Crème is available with an easy to use kit, which is absolutely hassle-free while applying on hair. Moreover, there are 3 different awe-inspiring shades to choose from:

  • Natural Black
  • Natural Brown
  • Wine Red

The product, Glory Shinee Crème is enriched with essential herbs & oils from Henna, Almond and Hibiscus. Besides giving your hair a complete coverage, it is also completely paraben and sulphate free. Most importantly before applying the crème, you have to perform a preliminary skin sensitivity test and a hair strand test to avoid any possible problem.


  • Full coverage to your grey hair
  • Easy to apply with the provided hand gloves
  • Fortified with an equal proportion of Henna, Hibiscus, and Almond oil
  • Improves hair texture and gives gorgeous long-lasting color
Natural Black Manufacturer | Natural Black Exporter

Natural Black

Black is a color that satisfies your natural instincts the most. Black is a symbol of youth and therefore people, no matter of what age, prefer black to any other professional hair color. The product works within just 30 minutes.

Natural Brown Manufacturer | Natural Brown Exporter

Natural Brown

Brown is in-vogue! With the sultry brunettes all around the globe, people are getting more diverted towards having brown as their ideal hair color. The natural brown is highly suited to all skin tones and all hair types.

Win Red Manufacturer | Win Red Exporter

Win Red

If there is any color that is in demand today, then it is wine red color for hair. Just like other quirky colors out there, deep wine red hair tincture is really setting the trend for those who want something perky and new.