Hair Removal Crème

Hair Removal Crème

Glory Hair Removal Crème- Get Rid of Those Unwanted Hair Naturally

Has it been a long time since you attended a night out or some special occasion? Is it because of unwanted hair, grown on your hands and legs? Your search for something, which can help you get rid of those hair. Something better than waxing that is quite painful and time-consuming. Even better than shaving which leaves small and irritating pricky hair tails.

Well, it’s time to put your search to an end! 'Kuria Mal & Sons' has it all. For those who have extremely sensitive skin, Glory Hair Removal Crèmes would do wonders for them. We have used some of the most sophisticated machinery, based on the state-of-the-art technology and operated by our adept operators, having decades of experience in herbal industries to create this product.

We have natural based hair removal crèmes, which do not contain harmful adulterants. The crème contains organic additives such as Aloe Vera, fruity juices like papaya, and flower extracts such as rose. Such constituents give you positive and favorable after-effects with each usage.

For better customer experience Glory hair removal crème is available in two different pack sizes: 25gm and 60gm.

Aloe Vera Hair Removal Crème Manufacturer | Aloe Vera Hair Removal Crème Exporter

Aloe Vera Hair Removal Crème

From years of research, the adroit professionals at 'Kuria Mal & Sons' have formulated a highly effective and natural based hair removal crème for our customers who want to go further away from being touched by toxic chemicals.

Papaya Hair Removal Crème Manufacturer | Papaya Hair Removal Crème Exporter

Papaya Hair Removal Crème

With “approaching-nature” strategy, ‘Kuria Mal & Sons’ has inundated the herbal market with its extra gentle hair and skin crèmes. The hair removal crèmes are made up of fruits and plants, one of which is Glory Papaya Hair Removal Crème.

Rose Hair Removal Crème Manufacturer | Rose Hair Removal Crème Exporter

Rose Hair Removal Crème

If the after hair removal procedure leaves a kind of bad odor behind, then you should try our super fragrant Glory Rose Hair Removal Crème. The crème is infused with rose extracts that make your skin gently, sweet smelling and radiating.