Aloe Vera Hair Removal Crème

Aloe Vera Hair Removal Crème

Make a Lasting Impression with Our Aloe Vera Hair Removal Crème!

Give your skin a gentle treatment with our exclusively manufactured Aloe Vera Hair Removal Crème! Aloe Vera is a plant which has been used for centuries in umpteen medicinal purposes. Because of its skin-soothing and acne-treating properties, it is widely preferred by nature-lovers.

Apart from the aforementioned traits, it is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins which protect skin from foreign bodies and skin infections. When you apply Aloe based Glory hair removal crème, you feel the extra softness and cooling on the applied part of the skin.

From years of research, the adroit professionals at 'Kuria Mal & Sons' have formulated a highly effective and natural based hair removal crème for our customers who want to go further away from being touched by toxic chemicals. If you are a nature admirer, then Glory Aloe Vera Hair Removal Crème would be the best option for you!


  • Keeps skin irritation at bay
  • Instant Glow
  • Provides extra nourishment to the skin
  • Gently removes hair without any skin rash
  • Made up of Aloe Vera extracts which provide a cooling effect to the skin

Why Choose Us?


Strictly, no adulteration! Mass produced using 100% fresh and unprocessed organic ingredients.


Highly skilled and qualified team of professionals who are quick on the uptake.


Experience the joy of smart packaging, packed with care and perfection.


Faster than you can imagine! Exceptional skin and hair just one click away.