Glory Henna

Glory Henna

Henna powder is deemed to be the most effective natural remedy for grey hair. It’s been used by both genders for ages due to its ease of use and herbal benefits to hair. Coloring of hair with henna is a very common practice since ancient times especially for women. New age color treatments are made with harmful dyes, which are bound to damage hair resulting in hair loss, thinning and dryness. Hence, it is essential for women to take extra precaution while choosing hair colors and treatments. The timeless henna enriched hair color treatments will continue to provide hair with natural color and nourishment.

Keeping all these factors into consideration "Kuria Mal & Sons" presents a well-assorted set of natural henna powders under the name 'Glory'. They are formulated to flourish women with their dream hair color without any harm. It’s easy to apply and shows its effects within 30 minutes of application. Accessible in miscellaneous varieties and easy to carry pouches. With the ability to nourish and color your hair naturally, from root to tip, makes it a perfect choice for todays woman.

Black Henna Manufacturer | Black Henna Exporter

Black Henna

In today's world everyone wants to showcase their youngest look all around their digital and personal platforms. Grey strands in such situations are a huge turnoff for women.

Brown Henna Manufacturer | Brown Henna Exporter

Brown Henna

Due its easy & safe use criteria, it is the most appreciated choice of hundreds of users. We deal with nourishing you with products that are natural based & equally effective.

Light Brown Henna Manufacturer | Light Brown Henna Exporter

Light Brown Henna

The shades of brown can be susceptibly differentiated from each other. Brown shades are quite prominent among the population, and light brown is the most loved.

Chestnut Henna Manufacturer | Chestnut Henna Exporter

Chestnut Henna

Having the same color on hair can be quite boring, especially when you are about to attend an important event and want to look your best. A New Hair color can complement your elegance and make you stand out.

Burgundy Henna Manufacturer | Burgundy Henna Exporter

Burgundy Henna

Women are blessed with the gift to shine in all the appearances. Irrespective of the attire they wear or the hair color they apply, they always look fabulous. But some hair color shades make women feel like Goddesses.

Mahogany Henna Manufacturer | Mahogany Henna Exporter

Mahogany Henna

Unlike other artificial products & dyes, Glory henna has acquired certifications in manufacturing Paraben-free, Ammonia-free & Sulphate-free products to protect the external chemical damage to hair follicles.

Lemon Yellow Henna Manufacturer | Lemon Yellow Henna Exporter

Lemon Yellow Henna

Make a statement wherever you go with Glory Lemon Yellow Henna Hair Color. The blonde and alluring shade of lemon yellow tint makes your hair feel like sunshine and bouncy look hair.

Orange Henna Manufacturer | Orange Henna Exporter

Orange Henna

Who doesn't admire trendy and colorful bangs for a change? Coloring hair completely transforms your look, giving you a new confidence and sense of style like never before.

Purple Henna Manufacturer | Purple Henna Exporter

Purple Henna

New age movie characters have been one of the most fascinating evolution, that are a part of your real-time imagination. Are you mesmerized by the colorful hair they carry and yearn to earn the same?

Blue Black Henna Manufacturer | Blue Black Henna Exporter

Blue Black Henna

The love of colored hair doesn't fade away with the passing generations. Despite covering greys, a lot of lineages are fond of diverse shades to color their strands. Many prefer to color their strands completely while some prefer to highlight short or long bangs.

Cherry Red Henna Manufacturer | Cherry Red Henna Exporter

Cherry Red Henna

The use of henna for coloring hair is quite prominent for centuries. Despite covering up grey bangs, the distinct henna color is used to emulsify the looks of the individual. Women have been using diverse colored henna to gift themselves with a royal and amplified look.