Face Pack

Face Pack

The skin is the largest organ in the body which protects all the muscles and inner organs and thus keeping the body uncontaminated. Our face has the most sensitive skin and is visible to everyone around us. Nourishing it with proper nutrients and keeping it healthy makes us youthful and charming.

The face skincare requires two protracted approaches. The first one is eating a balanced diet with the right amount of vitamins and minerals to enrich your skin from the inside, called internal nourishment. And the other one is cleansing & moisturizing your skin from outside, called external nourishment. Face packs play an essential role to externally nourish the skin. It gives skin a youthful glow and removes all the dirt accumulated overtime.

'Kuria Mal & Sons' is a recognized manufacturer and exporter of natural face packs, which are formulated with 100% natural ingredients derived from flower and fruit extracts. The facemasks are highly effective for all skin types dry, oily, tanned and especially for skin damaged due to pollution. Our fine assortment of face packs comes in 4 different variants: Cucumber, Orange Peel, Rose and Turmeric.

Cucumber Face Pack Manufacturer | Cucumber Face Pack Exporter

Cucumber Face Pack

Packed with vital vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, cucumber is one such natural ingredient, which can give you a healthy & glowing skin.

Orange Face Pack Manufacturer | Orange Face Pack Exporter

Orange Face Pack

Orange is the king of citrus fruits but apart from pleasing your taste buds, it provides you with a sound health and remarkable benefits to your skin.

Rose Face Pack Manufacturer | Rose Face Pack Exporter

Rose Face Pack

Whatever happens under the skin gets reflected outside, so it is imperative to eat healthy and nutritious food to get a sound and active body.

Turmeric Face Pack Manufacturer | Turmeric Face Pack Exporter

Turmeric Face Pack

Turmeric has been derived from the roots of a plant called 'Curcuma Longa'. For eons, it has been used as a natural beauty ingredient & is still making its way in today’s beauty regimes.