Glory Henna for Men

Glory Henna for Men

Henna powder is not only for women, but men also find it optimum for use, as they are not oblivious to the umpteen benefits that henna provides. Men’s hair is rougher and bushier in texture as compared to women. They are also more prone to hair fall. Moreover, men prefer using henna not only on hair but also on their beards, moustaches and sideburns.

'Kuria Mal & Sons' under the brand name ‘Glory’ brings its fine assortment of exotic henna powder which is formulated exclusively for men. Just apply it on your beard or hair and get instant coloring in just 30 minutes. Available in four enticing shades; Black henna, Brown henna, Light Brown henna and Wine Red henna. The henna powder is safe to use and provides root to tip nourishment to the hair.

Natural Black Henna Manufacturer | Natural Black Henna Exporter

Natural Black Henna

People are highly concerned about their speeding age and greying hair. And if you are a man, then you must be pondering on how to turn your grey hair or beard into the original natural black color.

Natural Brown Henna Manufacturer | Natural Brown Henna Exporter

Natural Brown Henna

By spending just 30 minutes, you can get incredibly lustrous & strong hair. Even with the zero sulphate and ammonia policy, we make sure that the product stays effective & durable for a longer period.

Light Brown Henna Manufacturer | Light Brown Henna Exporter

Light Brown Henna

The presented range of Light Brown Henna for Men has been embedded with natural ingredients like Henna, Amla, and Reetha Extracts which work profoundly one by one on the applied hair tangles.

Wine Red Henna Manufacturer | Wine Red Henna Exporter

Wine Red Henna

Women always look fabulous in any type of hair color. But when it comes to men, it is a different story. Men have to choose very specific hair color not only to stay in style but also to maintain their strong machismo.