Natural Black Crème Hair Color

Natural Black Crème Hair Color

Get Splendid Naturally Black Hair in No Time

Who doesn’t want wavy natural black hair? Give your mane a trendy & naturally looking black hue which not only colors every hair strand but also bolsters the hair roots, making them thick & gleaming.

At 'Kuria Mal & Sons', our experts have formulized the Glory Natural Black Crème Hair Color using self-innovated “color-lock” technology which gives your hair rich and long-lasting natural black color up to 6 weeks. 

Those who are young at heart and don’t want to spoil their charm because of grey hair, this hair color crème is a miraculous gift. Being extremely safe and natural, it pampers your hair with a correct amount of color and texture. When you apply it on your hair, it quickly gets absorbed in hair, nurturing them with the qualities of Henna, Amla, and Olive oil.


  • No Paraben and ammonia
  • Offers a natural black color to your hair
  • Provides profound conditioning to the hair roots and makes them strong
  • Enhanced with the wholesomeness of Gooseberry and Henna extracts with Olive oil

Why Choose Us?


Strictly, no adulteration! Mass produced using 100% fresh and unprocessed organic ingredients.


Highly skilled and qualified team of professionals who are quick on the uptake.


Experience the joy of smart packaging, packed with care and perfection.


Faster than you can imagine! Exceptional skin and hair just one click away.