Burgundy Henna

Women are blessed with the gift to shine in all the appearances. Irrespective of the attire they wear or the hair color they apply, they always look fabulous. But some hair color shades make women feel like Goddesses. Burgundy is one such shade that has amassed women with exotic tints. Shade out your hair strands with the most influential implications of Burgundy henna proposed by 'Kuria Mal & Sons' under the name Glory henna.

The mixing of diverse natural & red-colored shades with natural henna powder to create a perfect tint of Burgundy makes it a renowned choice for shades and colored locks. The roguish effect of henna is testified to deliver full-bodied and sterile colors for your follicles. To keep up with recent modern trends, Burgundy henna has enhanced your temperament by giving you a decent fabulous glimpse that holds everyone’s breath around.


  • It moisturizes hair and leaves the hair silky and glossy.
  • Easily applicable formulation
  • This burgundy dye gives a classic, rich appearance to your hair texture and style
  • Easy to use pack

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