Light Brown Henna

Light Brown Henna

The shades of brown can be susceptibly differentiated from each other. Brown shades are quite prominent among the population, and light brown is the most loved. With the latest innovation and techniques working to procure you with the elegant color range, 'Kuria Mal & Sons' presents you with Glory Light Brown Henna shades for your long strands. Enriched with natural-based extracts of Henna, Amla and Reetha that provide hair with a trifecta of healthy herbal benefits.

Glory Light Brown Henna gives a natural tinge of the light brown color to your hair with no side effects and without any harmful chemicals. The natural based formulation comes in a easy to use pack, which can be used anywhere saving a trip to the saloon.


  • Pocket-friendly pricing
  • It helps detangle hair, making it straight and smooth
  • It nourishes and revitalizes the scalp making the hair roots strong

Why Choose Us?


Strictly, no adulteration! Mass produced using 100% fresh and unprocessed organic ingredients.


Highly skilled and qualified team of professionals who are quick on the uptake.


Experience the joy of smart packaging, packed with care and perfection.


Faster than you can imagine! Exceptional skin and hair just one click away.