Cherry Red Henna

Cherry Red Henna

The use of henna for coloring hair is quite prominent for centuries. Despite covering up grey bangs, the distinct henna color is used to emulsify the looks of the individual. Women have been using diverse colored henna to gift themselves with a royal and amplified look.

Kuria Mal & Sons have come up with a well-accepted set of henna as a solution for millions of women all around the globe. Glory Cherry Red Henna is a glorious product that can make your bangs look astounding with cherry red pigments.

The henna is formulated with the combination of naturally founded extracts of red cherry and henna leaves, which can give your hair a natural red tone. The flexible application of the product makes it a perfect choice to go for. The formulation of a non-dripping base aids you to handle your daily chores even after the application of the product.


  • The non-drip formula ensures retained solution
  • Long-lasting superior quality red color
  • Budget-friendly product

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