Purple Henna

New age movie characters have been one of the most fascinating evolution, that are a part of your real-time imagination. Are you mesmerized by the colorful hair they carry and yearn to earn the same? Then you are at the perfect place, as 'Kuria Mal & Sons' have toiled to equip your fantasies into reality with Glory Purple Henna.

Gift your hair a princess-like look with the astounding purple color bangs. The henna is crafted with all the nature-based ingredients which are mixed to give a purple tint to your strands with a sulphate and ammonia free solution. Do not worry about the damage as the henna is free from paraben and fatal chemicals. Natural conditioners like Shikakai and Amla give strength and deep conditioning to your hair follicles leveraging you with long, healthy, and colorful hair.


  • Diversified purple-colored strands with soft, smooth strands
  • Easy to apply and consistent color coverage
  • Follicles and budget-friendly products

Why Choose Us?


Strictly, no adulteration! Mass produced using 100% fresh and unprocessed organic ingredients.


Highly skilled and qualified team of professionals who are quick on the uptake.


Experience the joy of smart packaging, packed with care and perfection.


Faster than you can imagine! Exceptional skin and hair just one click away.