Chestnut Henna

Having the same color on hair can be quite boring, especially when you are about to attend an important event and want to look your best. A New Hair color can complement your elegance and make you stand out. But coloring hair using hair dyes, expensive hair colors or artificial color products that damage your hair is not the best choice. Glory Chestnut Henna manufactured by 'Kuria Mal & Sons' has all the desired effects without any harm, to give you the new hair color for your special day. Give your hair strands an optimistic look that suits you the best.

The natural-based formulation is a combination of Henna, Amla, and Shikakai that gives the exact color you have been longing for. The manufacturing of this product is based on the non-drip formula that ensures the application to the hair strands only! Gift yourself a unique blend of chestnut shade on your hair strands to attain your best look.


  • Healthy conditioning
  • Enduring shade
  • It treats scalp from dandruff
  • It helps naturally strengthens your hair roots, leaving hair shiny and manageable.

Why Choose Us?


Strictly, no adulteration! Mass produced using 100% fresh and unprocessed organic ingredients.


Highly skilled and qualified team of professionals who are quick on the uptake.


Experience the joy of smart packaging, packed with care and perfection.


Faster than you can imagine! Exceptional skin and hair just one click away.